BMW Diagnostic Cablebmw cables

We offer the ultimate in BMW specific diagnostic solutions, with thousands of our cables being sold all over the world.

The diagnostic cable we use have been specifically modified by our own technician to work with all compatible bmw's from around the world. Designed to make ANYONE able to not pay dealer and specialist prices no more......

We sell our cables to bmw specialist's and enthusiasts from all over the world who would normally be charged upward of £50 / $65 to simply diagnose a bmw.

With software such as BMW DIS and Inpa you will be able to easily diagnose your car (software link provided)

If your wanting to diagnose a bmw that was built between 2000-2007 with the 16pin D shape connection the the White Package is the one for you.
If you have a vehicle that was built between 1997-2007 which has the circular 20pin type connection then choose the full package.
If your vehicle was built between 2007-2010+ then the White package will be the one for you.

*we mention 2010+ as the cables may be able to read vehicles up to 2012 but this is dependant on the modules installed in your BMW*

If your looking for a solution to give you more power over your BMW then you have found the package that will help.